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Motorcycle Camper Trailers


Solace Motorcycle Camping Trailer


For your next motorcycle camping trip, wouldn’t it be nice to have a trailer to carry your stuff and a camper to provide comfort when you arrive? The Solace motorcycle camper trailer from 1motorcycletrailers.com, is both. You’ll have 16 cubic feet of closed storage to carry your stuff on the road and you’ll live in comfort when you arrive.

Unlike some complicated motorcycle camper trailers, Solace sets up fast. Within moments of your arrival, you’ll feel right at home with 72 cubic feet of living space and an incredible 6 foot 7 inch ceiling in the living/dining area.

The Solace camper is at its best on the road and at the campsite. On the road, you’ll appreciate the independent torsion axle suspension, 8-inch chrome wheels, wiring harness and LED taillights. At the campsite, you’ll appreciate accessories such as a full-size air mattress and dining table, both included at no extra cost.

On the road, you’ll find Solace easy and smooth to tow. Once you arrive, you’ll have your home away from home ready to go in minutes. The ingenious design makes Solace easy to set up and pack away. You’ll spend your time enjoying camping, not messing with your camper.

Solace is built to last and, with minimal care and maintenance, will provide years of easy towing, great camping and wonderful memories. You simply won’t believe how much space and comfort you can tow behind your motorcycle.

Special touches, like an opening to reach your cooler from inside the camper and an air conditioning port, tell you this is a leader in motorcycle camper trailers. And, it’s for sale right now at 1motorcycletrailers.com.

All you need is your motorcycle, your new Solace and your sense of adventure. Have a great trip!

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